georgia high school fencing league

how does my school join ghsfl?

Schools wishing to compete in the GHSFL must adhere to the following criteria:

1. The school must petition the GHSFL Board for membership by Sept. 1st.

2. A signed letter of approval from the school principal must accompany the petition.

3. There must be a designated faculty-sponsor.

4. The team must have at least three (3) members.

5. The team must have a fencing coach.

6. The team must have signed GHSFL waivers for each member.

7. The team must pay GHSFL dues.

8. The team must pay for liability insurance contracted by the GHSFL based upon the number of fencers on each team

9. The team must meet facility and equipment requirements unless waived by the Board.

10. The team must practice together without fencers from other clubs present.

11, The school must be a member of the GHSA and participate in GHSA sports

what are the costs to join ghsfl?

Dues are $200 per school per year

GHSFL dues are used to purchase medals, trophies and to cover League expenses for GHSFL monthly tournaments.

GHSFL insurance fees are $10 per student

Additionally, each school is required, by the time listed and going forward, to provide the following at each GHSFL tournament:

--Second semester of the first year of membership: If a school brings under 20 fencers, they are required to bring one referee and one strip, if a school brings over 20 fencers, they are required to bring 2 referees and 2 strips

--First semester of the second year of membership: One scoring equipment set for every ten fencers a school sends to compete in GHSFL tournaments

--First semester of the third year of membership: Venue at their school to host a GHSFL tournament